TSKC will start a “new” class if there is a minimum of 6 karts entered at the initial event and
there is no other available class for the eligible driver

**Please review our rule book for additional details​**

Rookie Champs (Jr. Sportsman Champ Kart/ Jr. LO206)​​​​​​

Jr. Sportsman Champ B (Jr. Sportsman Champ Kart / Purple Plate Animal) ​​

Jr. Sportsman Champ A (Jr. Sportsman Champ Kart / Blue Plate Animal)

Jr. Champ (Champ Kart / Black Plate Animal)​

Novice Champ (Champ Kart / See rules for motors)

Sr. Champ Animal (Champ Kart/ Animal Motor)

Yamaha (Flat Kart / 2 Stroke)

Box Stock Clone (Flat Kart / Clone Motor)

Champ Clone 440 (Champ Kart / Clone Motor)

LO206 (Champ Kart / LO206 Motor)​

Predator (Flat Kart / Predator Motor -see rules page)

Travelling Series:

Tiger Cubs
Tiger Sprints A & B
Jr. Outlaw
Sr. Outlaw